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Welcome to Tree of Life


Christian Leadership & Equine Ministries

Our Mission Statement: To aid the active work of the Holy Spirit in our lives; Encouraging whole transformation by way of the body, mind and spirit."   "If your seeking Spiritual growth and leadership, Tree of Life Ministries is here to support that growth in many ways, and for all ages."  "New! Check out our new youth Christian horse camp "Kamp Kairos"


Tree of Life director and founder: Jill Jonnes-Kuca

Tree of Life is located in Brandon South Dakota.  My indoor office is a cozy private studio office above our garage on our 20 acre beautiful country home.  My outdoor office is anywhere the horses are!  You can feel God's grace in the air out here!


(Me and one of our horses "Chip")



  • MACL (Masters of Arts in Christian Leadership)
  • Bachelors Studies in Psychology
  • Certified Spiritual Director through Sioux Falls Seminary (two year program)
  • Eagala certified Equine Specialist
  • Monty Roberts trained in Join-Up technique


Personal Experience:

The most important qualification I have... is that I have failed.  The next is that I have overcome.

After those two, I have excelled.  I am nationally certified or professionally educated in my skill set, but life has been my biggest teacher.  Who
better to teach then someone who was a student to failure and forever sees herself as a student?  A good teacher has to understand where her
student comes from in order to understand how to get that student where he or she wants to be.  I also believe a good teacher never tells someone
what to do but instead empowers people in a way that leads them to their own choice in growth and change.  Lastly, a good teacher knows she has to
keep learning and growing academically, personally and spiritually.  I truly look for my clients to teach me as much as I teach them as we journey
together.   As for my teacher; well that of course is the Holy Spirit through Christ Jesus and in accordance to the will of our Father.  My calling
is to help people experience a personal relationship with our triune god. 

My vision is to provide programs that equip people to grow spiritually and thus enable them to equip others to grow spiritually…in other words discipleship is my vision. My passion for ministry is fueled with the desire to reveal God’s infinite love for his creatures rather than to focus on sin and guilt as the foundation of our worth and our faith.  We are made new through Christ, some of us just don’t know it yet!  

I was called to this ministry by way of a vision at 46 years old.  My whole life has been
reshaped around this vision personally and professionally.  It would be my pleasure to assist you or your loved ones on their spiritual journey.